to you are(动词+to)

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Ⅷ.动词 重点:动词的主要时态;被动语态的构成及其基本用法;

情态动词的基本用法(尤其是后接现在完成式);used to与be/get used to


1.The teacher said that the earth ?______ around the sun.

A. run B. ran C. runs D. was running

Tom laid on the floor, reading a book.

If you bring your shirt to me, I ______ it for you.

A. will mend B. am mending C. have mended D. will have mended

-Did you go to Beijing last year? -No, ______.

A. I have never gone B. I haven’t gone to Beijing

C. I did never go there D. I’ve never been to Beijing

Mr. Smith ______ here for two weeks.

A. has already come B. is already being C. has already been D. has already being

6. We used to go skating in Michigan every winter, but ______ for the past five seasons.

A. I don’t go B. I haven’t C. I’m not going D. I didn’t go

7. ______ lately? I have not seen you for quite some time.

A. Where were you gone B. Where did you go C. Where were you going D. Where have you been

8. We ______ a walk when it started to rain.

A. take B. took C. are taking D. were taking

9. Although he promised to change. I’m still wondering when he ______ able to put his heart

into his studies.

A. was B. will be C. be D. were

10. The lady said that she’s been living in that city for years.


C 2.A: lay 3.A 4.D 5.C 6.B 7.D 8.D 9.B 10.B: she had been living

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